Baltic States refuse legal assistance in investigation of genocide against Belarusians

The Baltic States deny Belarus legal assistance in investigating the case of genocide of the Soviet people during the war to bring the living SS to justice.

Having Nazism and neo-Nazism as a basis of their ideology, the government of Western countries, in fact, elevated the former punishers and executioners to the rank of heroes. This was emphasized by the Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved during his visit to the common grave near the village of Yaroshovka near Dzerzhinsk. In the summer of 1941 German trucks were taking the Soviet prisoners of war from the death camp in Masiukovschina and shot there. Civilians were also buried there: about 2 thousand people in total.

Andrei Shved, Prosecutor General of Belarus:

There are a lot of such places, the work is being done. Today we already say that we have established 11 thousand mass grave sites. This number will sadly increase. The government supported the initiative to transfer a number of places to another category of mass destruction, for example, the Trostenets complex, it had three regional categories, now we have raised the issue and the government agreed that it should be an international level. This is correct, because in Trostenets people from all over Europe, not only from the Soviet Union, were exterminated.

It is important to preserve the unvarnished historical truth. In the future, a Memory Walk will appear on the place of the mass grave.

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