Courts take steps to help seniors better access legal services

A judge provides legal advice to a man in Yuanyang village in Jiangjin district of Chongqing. [Photo/Xinhua]

Chinese courts have taken various measures to help senior residents gain easier access legal services, according to an official from the Supreme People”s Court, the nation’s top court.

“In recent years, courts nationwide have strengthened protection of the elderly by efficiently handling their cases, formulating judicial interpretations and issuing influential rulings to help raise public awareness about the need to care more about older residents and give them stronger legal support,” said Wu Jingli, deputy chief judge of the court’s No 1 Civil Adjudication Tribunal.

Her remarks came after the court disclosed eight influential verdicts involving seniors on Thursday.

In March last year, the court issued a special guideline requiring judges across the country to provide high-quality legal services for older litigants, Wu said.

Four months later, another guideline issuing personal protection orders to protect seniors from domestic violence was also released by the court, she added.

While improving legal policies, older litigants who have trouble filling out legal documents have also been allowed to initiate lawsuits orally and have been given easier access to legal services in Chinese courts, according to the judge.

“For example, we’ve helped seniors with limited mobility file cases at home or over the phone, and we’ve also provided barrier-free facilities in courts to serve them,” Wu said.

Furthermore, the court has promoted awareness of the need to protect seniors’ legitimate rights and interests by disclosing influential rulings since 2021, calling for all walks of life to respect and care more about the elderly, she added.

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