Key elements of Labor’s climate laws


* The draft laws will be introduced to the House of Representatives on Wednesday

* The government wants to get the bill through the lower house by August 4, before it heads to the Senate

* The bill will enshrine in law Australia’s “nationally determined contribution” – which has been communicated to the United Nations – of 43 per cent emissions reduction by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050

* It will also task the independent Climate Change Authority to provide advice on Australia’s progress against the targets, and to advise on new targets under the Paris Agreement, which will include a 2035 target

* The Climate Change minister will be required to report annually to parliament on progress in meeting targets

* It will also embed the nation’s targets in the objectives and functions of a range of key government agencies including ARENA, CEFC, Infrastructure Australia and the NAIF.

* Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen said the bill would make explicit that Australia’s future targets under the Paris Agreement “must be better than previous targets”

* Labor has the numbers in its own right to pass the bill through the lower house but will need the support of 12 Greens and one other senator to pass the bill through the Senate

* The Liberal-National opposition will not be supporting the bill

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