Pastor Ezekiel Lawyers Danstan Omari, Cliff Ombeta Join Supporters in Singing: “Tuna Furaha Ya Ajabu”

  • Lawyers representing Pastor Ezekiel Odero joined his followers in song and dance at the Shanzu Law Courts in Mombasa, creating a lively atmosphere around the court
  • The prosecution accused the pastor of taking dead bodies from his church to Shakahola, but the defence lawyers argued there was no evidence to support this claim
  • The defence lawyers appealed to members of the public to come forward with evidence if they have any, and they hope the court will release the pastor

Mombasa- Lawyers representing Pastor Ezekiel Odero joined his followers in song and dance at the Shanzu Law Courts in Mombasa.

Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta
Pastor Ezekiel Lawyers Danstan Omari Cliff Ombeta briefed the press at the Shanzu Law Courts. Photo: Omwamba.
Source: Twitter

The lawyers, Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta sang and clapped to a Kiswahili gospel song describing the happiness around the court.

Speaking to the media at the Shanzu Law Courts, Omari said they were present to notify Pastor Ezekiel’s followers that a ruling on whether he will be detained for 30 more days or released on bail will be communicated at 2 pm.

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“We have come here today for Pastor Ezekiel’s case, the prosecution wants to hold him for 30 more days. Whether he will be detained or released on bail will be clear by 2pm. We have come here as Ezekiel’s lawyers to notify his followers who are here that the ruling will be done in the afternoon,” Omari said.

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Accused of taking bodies to Shakahola

Omari disclosed that the prosecution had accused the preacher of taking dead bodies from his church to Shakahola.

Ezekiel’s defence argued that there was no evidence or a single complaint that someone reported that their kin was taken to Shakahola by the pastor or his handlers.

“Allegations have been put that the pastor is involved in taking the bodies to Shakahola, I am appealing to all Kenyans who have ever come to the church, who have ever brought their patients, who have brought a patient and died and taken to Shakahola to go to any police station in the country and give that evidence because up to now none of those people who have been attending the church has recorded a statement,” he explained.

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Where is the evidence against Pastor Ezekiel?

Ombeta echoed the same opinion asking anyone whose kin was a church member buried in Shakahola.

Ombeta further clarified that the case against the preacher is evidence-based and must be forwarded.

“Evidence must be brought, it is a case where you must proof, when officers say they want 30 days so that they can be able to investigate and until now they are doing nothing then it is high time that members of the public come forward and bring it, up to now there is none. They are saying that the bodies at Shakahola must have come from Pastor Ezekiel’s church,” Ombeta said.

They said they hoped the court would release the Pastor so he could go home to preach to the people.

“We hope the church will be ordered open so that the congregation will have a place to worship,” the defence lawyers said.

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Followers stage protests in Kilifi

A considerable section of Ezekiel’s followers held protests on Thursday, April 27, to demand the release of their spiritual leader, who had been arrested earlier in the day.

The faithful of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church argued that Ezekiel was innocent despite police intelligence that he could be having links with Paul Mackenzie, the controversial cleric who is at the centre of the saga that is mass deaths in Shakahola, Kilifi county.

The believers who protested along the road that leads to the state-of-the-art prayer facility headquartered in Mavueni, Kilifi county, revealed that they depended on the cleric whose arrest they said jeopardised their lives.


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