Rada to extend martial law for the fourth time in coming days, says MP

It's not yet known how long the martial law will be extended

It’s not yet known how long the martial law will be extended

“The relevant presidential decree will be submitted for approval by the Rada in the coming days,” his message reads.

“This will be the fourth extension this year. Martial law was last prolonged for 90 days, until Aug. 23.”

According to the parliamentarian, it is not yet known how long the martial law will be extended this time, but it is expected that “unfortunately, it will be quite long.”

In addition, Zheleznyak added that a decree on mobilization is on the cards, which would be tied to the term of martial law.

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Under Ukrainian law, martial law is a special legal regime introduced in the country or in some of its localities in case of armed aggression or threat of attack, danger to state independence, its territorial integrity.

It also provides for the possibility of introducing curves, restrictions on movementprohibition of mass events, inspections of belongings and documents, confiscation of property for defense purposes with compensation to the owners, and suspension of the right to secrecy of correspondence and telephone conversations.

During general mobilizationall conscripted citizens of Ukraine who do not fall under the category of persons not subject to conscription or who have the right to a deferment may be called to the ranks of the army.

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Women are also subject to conscription in Ukraine. From October 1, some of them will be required to register for the military, after which, like men, they will not be able to travel abroad without permission.

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