R&B Singer Tank Sued By Law Firm for Unpaid Legal Fees


*A law firm has sued R&B singer Tank (real name is Durrell Artaze Babbs) for failing to pay legal fees after being represented in a federal copyright infringement case.

Tank allegedly owes the firm $265,000. The lawsuit was filed by McPherson LLP at Los Angeles Superior Court.

McPherson LLP accuses the 46-year-old performer of breaching the contract with them and wants the “Please Don’t Go” singer to pay not less than $265,710, plus interest.

McPherson LLP is headed by Edwin McPherson, who has represented many celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock, for a long time.

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In June 2018, Tank turned to the firm when he, his record label and his manager needed representation after musician Kerry Marshall Jr. sued in him federal court.

Marshall accused Tank of using portions of his (Marshall’s) original copyrighted track from his YouTube channel in Tank’s song “Only One.”

Marshall claimed that Tank copied key structural elements, themes and motifs from Marshall’s song.

Tank initially pledged to pay all costs and fees associated with his representation to McPherson LLP and the law firm on its part staged a fierce battle in court for him.

The case was ultimately settled, according to the new lawsuit filed by McPherson against Tank.

After the case, Tank made occasional payments for ten months before stopping even as the firm “tirelessly” continued to work for him and his other co-accused.

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