You never know when tragedy may strike, but new legal workshop will help you ‘Be Prepared’

Preparing for the unexpected, from a person’s death to a personal injury, isn’t something most people think about until after the unexpected happens.

A 2022 Consumer Reports survey of 2,224 U.S. adults found that 67% of them did not have a will. Some of the top reasons are they think they are too young, they don’t think about death, they did not have enough assets or they don’t know how to create a will.

To help people prepare for the unexpected, the Levin Papantonio Rafferty law firm is hosting a free event at the E.S. Cobb Resource Center to teach people about creating a will, dealing with personal injuries, insurance and more.

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The “Be Prepared” speaker series will include lawyers who want to help the community create safeguards for themselves and loved ones before a worst case scenario.

“We want the people who come to our event to understand what to look out for and how to be prepared, and be able to tell that to others,” attorney Brenton Goodman said. “And if they can’t, or if there’s something nuanced or something more difficult, or even something that we’ve discussed that they weren’t completely sure on, we want to give them the resources they need to find out.”

The event will have a presentation on people’s rights, power of attorney, the ramifications of property ownership, the different liens that can be placed on a home or property and other useful information.

Afterwards, there will be attorneys available from Levin Papantonio Rafferty to answer individual questions from attendees.

Brenton Goodman

Brenton Goodman

The hope is to follow this inaugural event with similar events in the future focused on helping a handful of people at a time within different neighborhoods.

The event was established in part because pastor Marcel Davis, who runs Adoration for A New Beginning Church, has had members of his congregation lose their property after the death of a family member.

He has seen that many people in the African American community and other marginalized communities do not have wills, which is supported by a Consumer Reports survey where 77% of Black people and 82% of Hispanic people didn’t have one.

Davis could only give faith advice and not legal advice, so he sought the help of a law firm that could give guidance to people on these stressful issues.

“This information will help people from all age groups to come and learn how to be prepared to deal with some great battles, meaning that we’re never expected for our loved ones to die. But we want to keep their legacy alive, maintaining their properties or maintaining their business that they built,” Davis said. “And so with that being said, this is a great opportunity for you to come and to learn to build a relationship with a law firm. So if something happens you can pick up the phone and we’ll be there for you.”

Want to go?

  • Where: E.S. Cobb Resource Center, 601 E. Mallory St.

  • When: 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, April 29

For more information visit Levin Papantonio Rafferty Law Firm Facebook or call their office at 850-435-7000.

This article originally appeared on Pensacola News Journal: Pensacola Levin law firm free event helps with wills, insurance, etc.

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